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HSM HL 1615

This all-purpose stationary baler is designed for high loads and completely fl attens paper scraps, large cardboard boxes, plastic foils and comparable materials – even rigid paint cans and light metal barrels (up to 200 litres). To handle even extreme one-sided loads in the press chamber, the press ram guidance has a specially large and sturdy construction. Both large loading fl aps, which together function as oversize feeding opening, make it possible to compact voluminous materials simply and quickly without having to manually tear them into smaller pieces beforehand.

Technical Data
HSM HL 1615
  • Loading height
  • Bale length
  • Bale width
  • Bale height
  • Bale weight (max.)
  • Strapping material
  • : 990 mm
  • : 1100 mm
  • : 700 mm
  • : 800 mm
  • : 180 kg
  • : Polyester Tape
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