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HSM DuoShredder 5540.2

The HSM DuoShredder 5540.2 is a two-stage shredder system for fully automatic document disposal. Depending on the paper quality, loading and downstream systems, it can achieve a throughput of up to 350 kg per hour. In combination with an HSM baling press, you can expand the HSM DuoShredder 5540.2 into a complete disposal system. We recommend the following baling press models: HSM KP 100.1 and HSM KP 88.1.

Technical Data
HSM DuoShredder 5540.2
  • Particle size after stage 2
  • Particle size after stage 1
  • Security level
  • Working width
  • : 5,8 x 50 mm
  • : 20 x 155 mm
  • : 3
  • : 400 mm
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