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HSM 12 Gigant

Our HSM 12 Gigant is in its element anywhere where voluminous cardboard packaging, plastic fi lm or other materials need to be pressed. The extremely large loading aperture makes the unit simple and convenient to load. The result is compact bales which can be easily transported. And if the baler is required urgently in another part of the company – no problem: its 4 castors mean that it can be used anywhere at any time.

Technical Data
HSM 12 Gigant
  • Loading height
  • Loading aperture width
  • Bale length
  • Bale width
  • Bale height
  • Bale weight (max.)
  • Strapping material
  • : 780 mm
  • : 740,00 mm
  • : 800,00 mm
  • : 600,00 mm
  • : 800,00 mm
  • : 40,00 kg
  • : Strapping Twine
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