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Channel baling presses

"Tell us who you are and We'll tell you which baling press you need! "But you get more than a baling press. The fully automatic channel baling press solutions shown here represent the classic and most frequently used system recommendations. Many HSM system solutions are also suitable for almost all requirements in addition to the uses displayed here. Contact us if you have other materials or applications. We will find you a suitable solution. All products come with one year comprehensive onsite warranty.

The advantages of the channel baling presses at a glance:

  • Suitable for the following materials: cardboard, paper, foil, DSD, PET, composite materials and more
  • loading: mostly continuous feeding on a variety of systems (such as conveyor belts, fork lifts, suction units, etc.)
  • Fully automatic compression and strapping of bales
  • Up to 1500 kN pressing power
  • Baling weight up to 1250 kg
  • All feed techniques possible
  • Innovative detailed solutions bring crucial benefits
  • Application areas: disposal companies, processing industry, trading, logistics, central depots, paper industry, printing plants, distribution centres

HSM VK 807 V

HSM VK 1206

HSM VK 1210

HSM VK 2306

HSM VK 2310

HSM VK 3008

HSM VK 3012

HSM VK 4208

HSM VK 4212

HSM VK 4812

HSM VK 4812 P

HSM VK 4012

HSM VK 7215

HSM VK 6015

HSM VK 8818

HSM VK 12018

HSM VK 15020

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